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The Definitive Asia-Pacific & Middle East MBA Guide 2014/15
Aalto University, Finland ( formerly known as Helsinki School of Economics )
Anglia Ruskin University MBA
Arcadia University MBA
BI Norwegian School of Management / NTU
CQ University MBA
HEC Paris and NUS Double Degree MBA
Heriot Watt University MBA
James Cook University MBA
Lancaster University MBA
Murdoch University MBA
Nanyang Technological University MBA
National University of Singapore and Peking University MBA
National University of Singapore MBA
Northwestern University / HKUST EMBA
NTU and Norwegian School of Business EMBA
NTU and Shanghai Jiao Tong University
NTU and Waseda University Double MBA
NUS Asia – Pacific Executive MBA
NUS, Korea University and Fudan University MBA
Queen Margaret University MBA
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey MBA
S P Jain School of Global Management EMBA
Singapore Management University EMBA
Southern Cross University MBA
Temple University EMBA Singapore
The University of Adelaide MBA
The University of Hull EMBA Singapore
UCLA and NUS Double MBA
University at Buffalo MBA
University of Northumbria MBA
University of Aberdeen MBA
University of Birmingham MBA
University of Bradford MBA
University of Chicago MBA
University of Manchester MBA
University of Newcastle MBA
University of Nottingham MBA
University of Strathclyde MBA
Cardiff Metropolitan University MBA
Featured MBA Programs in Asia-Pacific
  Glyndwr University MBA for Working Executives  
  Develop 21st century management skills with innovative MBA programs from Wales' newest university named after 15th century Welsh prince Owain Glyndwr. For your career advancement, the dynamic university offers Master of Business Administration, MBA in Accounting & Finance , MBA in International Business , MBA in Human Resource Management and MBA in Marketing. Contact TEG International College at Tel: 65-6334-0004 now for full details on these top-notch MBA programs from Glyndwr University in Wales UK.  
  National University of Singapore MBAs  
  NUS Business School offers these top MBA programs:
The NUS MBA, The NUS-Peking MBA, The NUS- Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy Double Degree MBA, The S3 Asia MBA with Fudan University and Korea University and The NUS-HEC Paris Double Degree MBA.
  Top-ranked American MBA by Arcadia University Pennsylvania  
  Founded in 1853, the Arcadia University is a Tier-1 American university which is internationally recognised and accredited. The university offers an Accelerated 12-month part-time Master of Business Administration program for high-achieving business executives and professionals with 3 optional concentrations - Leadership, Finance and Entrepreneurship.


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Edupoll Education News Links

  • Granting permission to students to take non-official mother tongue in PSLE


    Under the bilingual education policy, all students in our primary and secondary schools are required to offer a Mother Tongue Language (MTL).

    In implementing the policy, we exercise some flexibility and allow students with exceptional circumstances to offer an approved Foreign or Asian Language in lieu of MTL. There are broadly two groups of students who can be given this permission. They are either students who join the school system mid-stream from non-MTL speaking countries, or students with at least one parent who is foreign born and of non-Chinese/Malay/Indian ethnicity.

    Over the past five years, the group of students...

  • Continuing education plans for special needs children


    The recommendations of the 2012-2016 Enabling Masterplan (EM) cover a range of issues, including those relating to improving the quality, accessibility and affordability of Special Education (SPED).

    To improve quality, we have reviewed the SPED curriculum and built teacher capacity.

    The SPED Curriculum Framework was launched in 2012 to guide the design and delivery of curriculum in SPED schools. A well- designed curriculum will better enable SPED students to achieve quality living, learning and working outcomes. We have helped every SPED school to set up curriculum teams to translate the Curriculum Framework into quality learning experiences based on the student...

  • Challenges facing school bus operators


    The Ministry of Education is monitoring the provision of school bus services. In recent months, we have received feedback from some parents regarding the availability and affordability of school bus services as well as feedback from the school bus operators on the challenges and cost pressures that they faced.

    We appreciate the need for school bus services to be affordable for parents and financially viable for bus operators. We are looking into the feedback provided, and will be engaging school bus operators to discuss the issues. We will also work with LTA on these.

  • Breakdown of foreigners and permanent residents attending public schools in Singapore


    The vast majority of students across our publicly-funded schools and Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) are Singaporeans.

    Having international students (IS) benefits Singaporeans. First, the diversity of students from different backgrounds adds vibrancy to the campus, and enhances global awareness and cross-cultural skills that prepares Singaporean students for the global market place of the future, where such soft skills will matter. Second, by augmenting our labour force, we ease the shortage in our labour market and make it easier for companies to continue to invest in Singapore to create good jobs for Singaporeans. Third, the reservoir of goodwill, friendship and...

  • Students exempted from taking Mother Tongue Language at PSLE


    Over the past five years, the average number of students given MTL exemption in the five schools with the highest number of exemption cases is 178.

  • Degrees programmes offered by Private Educational Institutions


    The private education landscape is diverse, and there is varying quality among private education courses and providers. One of the aims of the Council for Private Education (CPE)’s regulatory framework is to protect the interests of students, by ensuring minimum standards in corporate and academic governance, strengthening student fee protection measures, and requiring PEIs to disclose key information on courses and teachers, so that students can make more informed choices. However, registration by CPE is not an endorsement or accreditation of the academic quality of programmes offered by private education institutions (PEIs). Hence, there is no guarantee that degrees from...

  • Regulation of Private tuition teachers and tuition agencies


    Under the Education Act, centres offering tuition or enrichment programmes with 10 or more students must be registered with MOE. This does not include private tuition teachers or tuition agencies. If disputes between such parties and their consumers cannot be resolved mutually, consumers may consider mechanisms such as mediation, lodging a complaint through Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE), the Small Claims Tribunal, or seeking legal assistance in the matter, depending on the nature and details of each dispute.

    Currently, there are no plans to regulate private tuition teachers or tuition agencies. Parents and students should exercise their discretion and carry out...

  • Engagement of external providers for sexuality education


    MOE Sexuality Education is taught by selected teachers trained in sexuality education. Schools may engage external providers to conduct supplementary sexuality education programmes based on the needs of their students.

    In 2014, 7 schools engaged 4 approved external providers for $20,000. There were no free-of-charge programmes from 2011 to 2014. Since 2009, schools spent an estimated amount of $460,000 on such supplementary programmes, an average of $8 per student.

    MOE has a stringent vetting process to select suitable external providers, trainers and relevant programmes for sexuality education in schools. Teachers sit in to observe the programme and provide feedback to MOE...

  • Speech by Ms Indranee Rajah at Sembcorp Marine‚Äôs 12th Green Wave Environmental Care Project for Schools Award Presentation Ceremony 2014
  • Launch of GetCET.sg Portal to Facilitate Professional Development

    Working adults looking to keep their skills relevant or to upgrade their capabilities can now find suitable Continuing Education & Training (CET) programmes more easily with the launch of the GetCET.sg portal. This supports one of SkillsFuture’s key thrusts, which is to help individuals make well-informed choices in education, training and careers, so that they can upgrade and progress throughout their working lives and develop the skills needed to access new opportunities in a changing economy.

    GetCET.sg is a centralised online course directory offering quick access to information on the almost 250 part-time courses offered by the publicly-funded universities, polytechnics...

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