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There are 8 universities belonging to the prestigious Ivy League. Please note that not all top American universities are members of the Ivy League, which is more of a heritage association than an academic association. The Ivy League excludes top universities like Northwestern University, Stanford University and MIT, for example. 

The Ivy League started as an athletic association in 1954 but is now known for its social elitism and selectivity in admissions. These eight universities are privately-owned and rank in the top 1% of the world’s academic institutions in terms of endowments. Academic results alone will not qualify you for the Ivy League; you need money and alumni connections as well. 

The Ivy League universities boast academic excellence and a large number of students from good family backgrounds. President Bill Clinton and President Bush graduated from Yale University, for instance. 

In Singapore, many cabinet ministers and top civil servants are graduates of Harvard University, with the degree Master of Public Administration (MPA) 

The Wall Street Journal USA once dubbed Singapore’s Raffles Junior College as an “Ivy League machine “ - it is the high school that churns out the most number of students for the Ivy League universities amongst all high schools in the world. 

Currently, only New York-based Cornell University offers a program in Singapore – the Master of Management in Hospitality degree in collaboration with the Nanyang Technological University. ( www.cni.ntu.edu.sg )


The 8 Ivy League Universities in United States of America (in alphabetical order ) 



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