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Australia is the most popular destination for overseas university study for Singaporeans.
Every year, around 10,000 Singapore students head for Australia to take up a program at one of their institutions of higher education. In comparison, slightly in excess of 2000 Singapore students go to the UK to study every year.
Australia is popular because of its world-class quality education, proximity, safety, affordable tuition fees and living costs. The presence of a relatively large Asian population in the major cities is also a magnet for prospective students and their parents.
( which means no culture shock )

The Australia education system is flexible and offers a broad range of study options. There are 5 main sectors in the Australia education system, namely:

  1. University level studies
  2. Vocational education and training ( by TAFE – Technical and Further Education Institutes )
  3. Foundation studies
  4. English language studies
  5. Primary and secondary education

The Australian Qualifications Framework was set up by the federal government to ensure that all the different education sectors link with each other so that a student can use different pathways through the education system to reach and achieve his desired qualification.

A unique feature of Australian education is Foundation Studies.
Foundation studies were developed with the purpose of preparing international students for undergraduate studies at the universities. Usually, the foundation studies are conducted at the university the student plans to study in. The university will hold a provisional place for the student on foundation studies.
Foundation studies programs are divided into streams like business or science and usually take a year to complete.

Australia is a small country in terms of population. There are only 38 public universities and 2 private universities. In comparison, the United States has over 4000 universities and colleges offering degree-level programs and in the UK, there are around 110 universities ( 87 in England, 13 in Scotland, 8 in Wales and 2 in Northern Ireland)

Australian universities operate on a semester or term calendar:

The semesters run from March to June and from July to November.
The terms run from March to May, June to August and September to October each year.

The estimated tuition fees and miscellaneous fees for Australian universities:


AUD $ 13,000 – $ 18,000

AUD $150- $250

Bachelor ( lab-based )

AUD $ 16,000 - $ 23,000

AUD $150- $250

Bachelor ( non-lab )

AUD $ 12,000 - $ 20,000

AUD $150- $250

Foundation Studies

AUD $ 10,000 - $ 16,000

AUD $150 - $250

A student needs to budget between AUD $10,000 to $ 15,000 per year for living expenses such as accommodation, food, transport, recreation and healthcare. Costs vary from city to city with Sydney and Melbourne being the more expensive places to live in Australia.

Australian university admission starts in February and close in October each year.
Enquiries can be made at the Singapore IDP office at RELC Building.
IDP is a global company offering student recruitment and testing services, partly-owned by 38 Australian universities.( http://www.idp.com/)

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