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  • The New Paper

    East Asia Institute of Management (EASB)
    Being the best in hospitality

    WILLARD TAN, 23, hopes to create more awareness about hospitality and wine education in Asia.

    He wants to set up his own food & beverage business too so he can provide new experiences for customers.

    To fulfill his dream, he has completed an introductory sommelier course and also got a Level 2 intermediate certificate in wines and spirits.

    He is also pursuing a full-time bachelor degree in Hospitality & Tourism Management from Queen Margaret University (QMU) through distance learning at the East Asia Institute of Management.

    He said: “With the upcoming Integrated Resorts, I believe visitor arrivals will increase. There will definitely be higher demand for graduates of hospitality and tourism management.”

    On why he chose the school, he explained: “According to edupoll.org, it is the best institution for Hospitality & Tourism studies in Singapore. Also, QMU is one of the highest-ranking UK universities available in Singapore.”

    East Asia Institute of Management’s roots can be traced back to 1984 when it first started as a training and consultancy outfit. It soon expanded and became Information Technology and Management (ITM) Associates, and was later restructured as the East Asia School of Business.

    An early recipient of the Singapore Quality Class award from Spring Singapore and the CaseTrust for Education award, the school was renamed East Asia Institute of Management. It offers a wide range of diploma, advanced diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

    Students pursuing a bachelor degree can choose to complete it in one of the school’s 30 partner universities overseas, or complete the final year in the institution itself.

    Prior to enrolling in the school, Willard had contemplated going to the Swiss School of Hotel and Tourism Management in Chur, Switzerland, which also offers the QMU bachelor degree.

    But as pursuing an overseas education costs more, he decided to get a local education instead.
    He said: “I considered a bachelor of science degree in International Tourism & Hospitality Management from a foreign university which is offered at another local private institution, but eventually the QMU programme being offered at East Asia Institute of Management for its better curriculum.”

    The bachelor degree in Hospitality & Tourism Management is a three-year programme, which includes a six-month industrial attachment at the end of the second year. There are also opportunities for students to go on overseas study trips.

    Students will be provided with theoretical and practical knowledge of all aspects of hospitality management, including Integrated Resorts Management, Sustainable Tourism Management and Managing Hospitality Enterprises.

    With a good mix of both management- and hospitality-specialised modules, students will be trained to be creative, competent and committed managers in the relevant industries.

    Willard said: “With the high quality of teaching, I learned the essentials of becoming a holistic manager. I’ve also enhanced fundamental skills like leadership and teamwork which will aid in achieving my goals in life and overcoming any challenges ahead.

    “East Asia Institute of Management has helped to develop my confidence with its coursework-based assessment, and encouraged me to establish a leadership role rather than just be a follower.”
    After getting his degree, Willard hopes to start work in the hospitality industry and gradually pursue his Masters degree with QMU.

    The Balestier campus where Tan is studying is fully equipped to provide a holistic education for up to 6,000 students.

    Learning facilities such as video-conferencing rooms, a postgraduate resource centre and a hospitality training centre, are complemented by sports and recreational facilities like tennis courts, a running track, fitness gym and cricket pitch.

    Besides Hospitality & Tourism Management, East Asia Institute of Management also offers courses in business management, information management and technology, logistics & supply chain management, banking and finance, and accountancy.

  • Straits Times Online Story

    Many avenues for info to choose right foreign varsity

    I REFER to last Saturday's letter by Mr Pavithran Vidyadharan, 'Set up accreditation panel for foreign varsities', suggesting that the Government set up an accreditation agency to screen degrees awarded by foreign universities and colleges.
    There are a few thousand universities and colleges in the world and it would be a mammoth task for anyone to put these institutions through a single accreditation process.

    In the home countries where foreign universities operate, there are already credible accreditation agencies doing a good job of putting their universities through a quality assurance process.

    In the United States, the Council for Higher Education Accreditation is one such agency.

    There are various bodies in Singapore which exist to help parents make the right university choice, depending on which country their child is going to. These include the US Education Information Centre, British Council, IDP Australia, New Zealand High Commission and Canadian Education Centre. They represent the five major destination countries for Singapore students.

    Parents can also check the following websites for more information: Council for Higher Education Accreditation US (www.chea.org); Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education Britain (www.qaa.org.uk); Australian Universities Quality Agency (www.auqa.edu.au), Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (www.aucc.ca) and New Zealand Educated (www.newzealandeducated.com).

    For foreign universities offering degrees in Singapore, parents can consult the Guide to Recognised Universities in Singapore at www.edupoll.org, which features more than 100 foreign universities offering degree programmes in Singapore. These degree programmes are offered in partnership with local universities, polytechnics, private education institutions or through their own locally set- up campuses.

    Going forward, the new Council for Private Education set up by the Ministry of Education is likely to play a key role in screening foreign universities which offer degree programmes in Singapore.

    So, as it is, there are information channels available in Singapore for parents to check if a certain foreign university is bona fide and accredited by a recognised accreditation agency.


  • http://www.agsb.adelaide.edu.au/about/
    Adelaide MBA 'Best Value Australian MBA' in Singapore
    “The Adelaide MBA, offered in Singapore through the Ngee-Ann Adelaide Education Centre, has been voted
    Best Value Australian MBA by Edupoll. View details on the Edupoll website. ”

  • http://www.psbacademy.edu.sg/details/bus_nottingham_mba.htm
    The University of Nottingham MBA aims to provide instruction in the creation, operation and management of business in the private and public sectors. It offers the opportunity to develop management skills and potential based upon a series of one-week intensive blocks. Modules are carefully designed for their academic and practical relevance, to develop skills in essential areas of management through lectures, case studies, group discussions and project work. The course covers all key business disciplines and allow course members to focus on management areas of most relevance to their career development. The Financial MBA covers the key business disciplines, but also offers specialist modules in finance and accounting and is designed for those either working in or aspiring to work in the financial services sector.

    - Top 10 UK Business School, The Times Good University Guide 2007
    - Top 100 Global MBA Programme, Financial Times 2006
    - World Top 100 MBA, Economist Intelligence Unit 2005
    - Premier League University
    - Nobel Prize Winning University
    - Top 12 MBA by Beyond Grey Pinstripes 2005
    - Ranked "Best Overall UK MBA" by Edupoll Singapore MBA Citations 2005
    - Accredited by AMBA

  • http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/business/mba/NottinghamMBA.html
    Why the Nottingham MBA?
    International - We currently have participants from 31 countries on our MBA, so you will experience a rich variety of business perspectives from your peers. You can choose to take all or part of your MBA at either the University's campus in Malaysia, at one of our partner business schools, or in Singapore. Edupoll has named our Singapore MBA programmes in partnership with PSB Academy the "Best Overall UK MBA."

  • http://www.cbe.csueastbay.edu/singapore/fromgreg.htm
    “Since 1994 California State University, East Bay has been a leader in international MBA education. The university was the first to establish an MBA program in the former Soviet Union, and our Moscow program has been consistently ranked #1 in all of Russia. We have also conducted MBA programs in Austria (in both Vienna and Graz), in Hong Kong, and in Beijing. Edupoll rated our Singapore program as the best new American MBA in the city-state. Our highly-regarded Transnational Executive MBA program links the various sites by sending managers based in America to our foreign locations to do modules and consulting projects.”

  • http://mangduhoc.com/apm
    Hiện nay Châu Á nói chung và Việt Nam nói riêng, ngành công nghiệp du lịch có sức tăng trưởng nhanh với hàng triệu đô la lợi nhuận mỗi năm. Bằng cấp TMIS là một trong những điều kiện tiên quyết để làm việc và thăng tiến ở những môi trường du lịch quốc tế, các ngành hàng không, khách sạn, ngành hàng hải...- Học viện phi lợi nhuận cấp Quốc gia.

    - Được công nhận CaseTrust, SQC-PEO
    - Được xác nhận bởi Tổng Cục Du Lịch Singapore (STB).
    - Là cơ sở đào tạo chính thức của Hiệp hội Du lịch Lữ hành Singapore (NATAS).
    - Được bình chọn là viện đào tạo tốt nhất về Du lịch và Lữ hành bởi tổ chức bình chọn quốc tế Edupoll Citations
    năm 2005 và 2006.
    - Được bình chọn là học viện đảm bảo về tài chính bởi tổ chức bình chọn quốc tế Edupoll Citations năm 2006.

  • www.biesco.com.vn
    Học Du lịch lữ hành tại TMIS - Singapore
    Viện Quản trị Du lịch Singapore (TMIS) tự hào được bình chọn là cơ sở Giáo dục đào tạo tốt nhất về Du lịch Lữ hành bởi tổ chức bình chọn Singapore Edupoll 2005 Institutional Citations và tự hào được chứng nhận CaseTrust về đảm bảo quyền lợi cho sinh viên và chuwnggs nhận SQC for PEO về chất lượng đào tạo.

    TMIS là học viện được tài trợ 100% từ Hiệp hội các Công ty Du lịch Quốc gia Singapore (NATAS) và được công nhận bởi Tổng cục Du lịch Singapore (STB).Là học viện trực thuộc khối quốc gia của tổ chức phi lợi nhận nên học phí của TMIS rất rẻ so với các trường khác của Singapore.

    Từ khi thành lập đến nay, TMIS đã đào tạo hơn 30.000 sinh viên. Với một đội ngũ gồm hơn 60 cán bộ giảng dạy đầy kinh nghiệm, TMIS có đầy đủ các khóa học từ tiếng Anh, chứng chỉ, cao đẳng đến đại học.

  • http://www.jdlxzx.com
    - 最全面的专业课程 新加坡市场学院提供多样化的课程,包括英文预备课程、销售、市场和商业等方面的专业 文凭和证书课程,大专、高级大专,学士和荣誉学士课程,硕士预科和硕士课程;
    - 新加坡市场营销学术界权威 新加坡市场学院在2005年5月被评为“新加坡最佳市场教育机构”,详情请查阅网站
    - 教育质量、综合素质以及对国际学生的服务得到肯定

  • http://soos.sppc.org.cn/web/news_view.asp?id=524

    新加坡市场学院 提供多样化的课程,包括英文预备课程 , 销售、市场和商业等方面的专业文凭和证书课程, 大专, 高级大专, 学士和荣誉学士课程, 硕士预科和硕士课程。
    新加坡市场营销学术界权威 新加坡市场学院在2005 年五月被评为 “新加坡最佳市场教育机构。详情请查阅网站 www.edupoll.org
    教学质量,综合素质,以及对国际学生的服务得到肯定 新加坡市场学院是2005 年四月,在238 所学院中,首三家获得CaseTrust 的学院之一。详情请查阅网站 www.case.org.sg

  • www.sunrisevietnam.com

    Từ ngày 11/7/2006 đến ngày 18/7/2006
    Giới thiệu TMIS - Singapore
    18 năm kinh nghiệm trong lĩnh vực giáo dục, đào tạo
    Đã đào tạo hơn 27,000 sinh viên với hơn 60 cán bộ giảng dạy nòng cốt, kinh nghiệm
    Là cánh tay đắc lực của Hiệp Hội các Công ty Du lịch Quốc gia Singapore ( NATAS )
    Được tài trợ 100% từ Hiệp Hội các Công ty Du lịch Quốc gia Singapore
    Được bình trọn là Viện giáo dục đào tạo tốt nhất về Du lịch bởi tổ chức bình chọn
    Singapore Edupoll 2005 Institutional Citations
    Được chứng nhận CASETRUST & SQC bởi Chính phủ Singapore về đảm bảo chất lượng, uy tín giáo dục đào tạo.
    Học bổng 10% - 50% học phí cho sinh viên giỏi


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