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Edupoll affirms status as Singapore's No.1 online university portal Print

Edupoll now attracts over 45,000 visits a month on average, making it clearly Singapore's No.1 university education search portal. The number of visits hit a high of 47,000 in the month of January 2011. In the year 2010, over 300,000 visits were recorded, generating over 3.7 million hits. These visitors comprising students, parents and educators accessed over 1.6 million pages on Edupoll's website. The top search phrases used to access Edupoll are : Singapore education, Edupoll, MBA Singapore, Singapore top universities, Singapore higher education, study loans in Singapore , top 10 secondary schools in Singapore, MBA programs in Singapore , top MBA schools, scholarships in Singapore and China MBA.

The most popular sections in Edupoll.org are ( in order of popularity) : (a) University Education (b) Study Loan (c) Edupoll Course Finder - Accounting, Banking and Finance (d) Edupoll Course Finder - Business,Commerce, Marketing and Management (e) Edupoll Course Finder - Psychology (f) Edupoll Course Finder - Tourism, Retail, Hotel & Hospitality Management.

The top 2 search engines used by Edupoll's visitors are Google ( 60 % ) and Yahoo ( 33% ) Based on Google search, there are over 3780 external links to Edupoll, mainly from Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, India and Myanmmar.Microsoft's Bing.com is also gaining popularity as a search engine as it is now Edupoll's No.1 referral site.

Over 90 % of visitors use Windows operating system, with 70% using Internet Explorer browser and 16% using Firefox browser. The top links come from hardwarezone.com.sg forum, singapore education forum and channelnewsasia.com forum. Over 66% come through direct address and bookmarks, suggesting a high repeat visit rate. In fact, over 40% of visitors bookmarked the Edupoll.org website. Edupoll.org also logged in more daily visits than Singapore Institute of Management's website and BrightSparks.com.sg, a Singapore scholarship portal, according to StatBrain, a web tracking service. Unlike other general interest web portals, Edupoll.org attracts only serious visitors who are looking for education options.

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