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Former General Electric Co. CEO Jack Welch hooked up with Chancellor University of Ohio to create a new management school at the Cleveland-based institution.

However, they have parted company now and Jack Welch has formed the Jack Welch Management Institute with online Strayer University.

In an earlier statement from Chancellor University :

Chancellor University said the institute’s faculty will receive input from Mr. Welch, and the curriculum will be refreshed weekly with online video updates from the business icon on breaking business news and topics.

"We're trying to do something really different and exciting with this school," Mr. Welch said in a statement. "We want to reach a lot of people, more than you can just reach in one class or at one school, with a management philosophy and set of practices we really believe in.”

Dr. George Kidd, president of Chancellor University, said he expects the institute to appeal to a variety of students, from working men and women just starting out in business to mid-career managers who want to boost their leadership potential.

"We also hope the program, developed by faculty and Jack together, will be an exciting option for entrepreneurs who seek to improve their managerial skills, people re-entering the workforce after any length of time, and veterans who hope to translate their battlefield experience to the business world," Dr. Kidd said in a statement.

Chancellor said the institute’s faculty will be led by management scholar Noel M. Tichy, who will serve as dean and will draw on his 30-year career at Columbia University and the University of Michigan. Dr. Tichy also led GE's Leadership Development Center in Crotonville, N.Y.

Chancellor said Mr. Welch and Dr. Tichy will be recruiting professors and business leaders to serve in the school's "Fellows Program" of guest advisors and teachers.

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