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Academic Rankings of Top Australia Universities Print

Academic Rankings of Australia Universities

1. Australia National University

2. University of Melbourne

3. University of Sydney

4. University of Western Australia

5. University of Adelaide

6. University of New South Wales

7. University of Queensland

8. Monash University

9. Macquarie University

10. Curtin University of Technology

11. RMIT University

12. University of Wollongong

13. University of Newcastle

14. Queensland University of Technology

15. University of Technology Sydney

16. University of South Australia

17. Flinders University

18. University of Canberra

19. University of Tasmania

20. James Cook University

21. University of New England

22. Griffith University

23. La Trobe University

24. Murdoch University

25. Southern Cross University

26. Deakin University

27. Edith Cowan University

28. Bond University

29. Victoria University

30. Swinburne University of Technology

31. University of Western Sydney

32. Australian Catholic University

33. University of Southern Queensland

34. Charles Darwin University

35. University of the Sunshine Coast

36. Charles Sturt University

37. University of Notre Dame

38. Federation University

39. CQ University

( end of list)






































































Originally posted on 25 May 2009 in China Education Forum and CasualSexProject.com

This post is NOT authorised. Published by Malwarehouse Open Hub

A story from my ex-colleague ( Cornell Learning Group) who secretly saw their love-making in the hotel's lower basement car park and Joyce Chew was then pregnant with her second child but still looking ravenous as a classy MILF....they have kissed and hugged before at their former International Plaza office when they worked in the evenings but this time ..they really cannot control their red-hot passion for each other....

Inside the red Mazda 323 car parked inside Meridien Hotel's basement carpark where the newly-named Aventis School of Management Singapore is located above, a sexily-pregnant Joyce Chew moans nervously with a seductive risque look as her former boss and boyfriend JC gently strips away her pink sleeveless blouse (Joyce likes to wear sleeveless as it shows more of her smooth fair skin) , removes her lace bra, and begins to caress her swollen breasts, kiss her erect dark brown nipples and suck her leaking breast milk to quench his sexual thirst for her. Joyce's soft breasts, erect nipples and smooth skin are a joyce to feel and taste for JC even as she is expecting her second child.

Joyce Chew is too damn voluptuous sexy for JC who lusts after her sensual pregnant body. As he sucks her sweet milk, his other hand is fingering her already wet pussy through her sexy light blue panty. First massaging on the wet patch under her lifted white skirt and then snugging his warm hand inside Joyce's soft panty, stimulating Joyce Chew into a state of high ecstasy, as she wobbles her pregnant body in response to JC's naughty fingers inside her hot wet pussy and his wet tongue on her pointed nipples. Unable to control herself further, a sensuous Joyce Chew snuggles towards JC and embraces him in a deep tongue-licking French kiss while unzipping JC's pants to pull out his hard sticky penis. In this warm embrace,JC is particularly stimulated by Joyce's larger-than-life nose rubbing against his nose, as he feels her sexy breath and perfume.

They french so lovingly like a steamy scene out of an erotic XXX movie, wet saliva all over their nose and mouth. Joyce Chew masturbates JC's dripping dick with her soft hand as they both lock in a wet passionate French kiss while JC keeps his fingers busy inside Joyce's hot and wet pussy.

Joyce's hand is now sticky wet with JC's dripping clear cum as she strokes his swollen red dick masterfully, taking care not to let him shoot too early before they fuck. This goes on for about 10 minutes or so before Joyce Chew strips away her white skirt and pulls down her light blue panties to reveal the full glory of her sexy alluring wet pussy and JC responds quickly by kicking off his black office pants and Calvin Klein brief to expose a strong throbbing, semen-dripping 6-inch hard dick - an intoxicating Joyce Chew squirms with sensuous delight. In the past, she always play with JC by touching or stroking his groin whenever they meet in the office but she has never seen the real thing behind the pants.

With a surge of desire, a highly aroused JC goes down on Joyce's wet hot pussy and licks the white creamy love juice flowing off her vagina onto the car seat which is now fully reclined to allow Joyce Chew to open her legs more widely for JC to enjoy his love appetizer. Joyce moans loudly in ecstatic joy as JC licks her cunt lips and she holds down his head between her legs to let his wet tongue savours her swollen red clitoris.

JC licks and sucks Joyce's honeypot as she moans quite loudly like a Japanese porn star with her eyes closed in heavenly desire. Then Joyce climbs on top of JC and her big naked round butt sitting on his hairy groin, like a pregnant lady on a pony ride, awkward but full of desire and anticipation, kissing JC's lips and sucking his wet tongue passionately and spilling her luscious saliva into JC's ardent mouth, and who by now is carefully thrusting his big hard sticky penis into Joyce's wet throbbing pregnant cunt already leaking white vagina love juice flowing over JC's cock and groin.

They are really screwing each other now and JC has always dream of bonking Joyce Chew, raping her, fucking her ....In fact, in the past, he always masturbate by thinking of her. Joyce Chew was JC's sex object in many sense.The mere thought of Joyce Chew would cause JC an immediate erection, producing a yearning prick and later, wasted semen. Now this is the best lewd experience ever for sultry Joyce Chew - JC tasting the feathery strokes of Joyce's erotic tongue while both his hands are caressing her swollen divine boobs ( Joyce's usual A-cup is now B-cup ) and his hard erect cock is dripping sticky cum inside Joyce's hot and wet motherly cunt.

JC and Joyce Chew make a really hedonistic couple and they are now in deep erotic coitus, eating and feeling each other like never before.

Before long, a super horny cannot tahan Joyce Chew begs JC to push harder as she screams uncontrollably with her eyes closed " Faster dear .. faster ... ah ah my darling .. I love your fucking cock......yes darling .... fuck me .. fuck me dear... ya..faster ...faster .. fuck me harder...yes...fuck me harder...ah I am cumming .. ah .. ah .... ah ...." as JC pushes harder and thrusts faster and faster and shoots warm creamy sperm inside her swollen pregnant vagina an amazing 5-6 times.

Both JC and Joyce Chew are climaxing together in rhythmic harmony as Joyce Chew's vagina grabs JC's penis tightly to max out their cumming sensation. A very horny Joyce Chew continues to wiggle her wet vagina deep over JC's penis to prolong her motherly orgasm.

What a climax and orgasm for JC and Joyce Chew! More cum drips on her soft pubic hair as JC pulls out his sticky dick from Joyce's hot, wet yearning red love hole. And almost instinctively, Joyce moves back to her seat and quickly goes down on JC's cock, licking and sucking off the remaining creamy white cum in a delirious blow job that will kill any macho man. White cum seems to be her favourite cream or colour, And Joyce Chew licks, swallows and sucks JC's penis like a lollipop inside her warm mouth until his manhood becomes limp and spent. Joyce really really enjoys JC's big-headed cock which is quite unlike her husband's.

After licking JC's penis clean and dry, Joyce Chew lies down on JC's sweaty thighs and whispers softly to him " I love you boss" while she is still wet and naked on her seat. Looking at her sexy body, JC feels lucky to have fucked a real MILF. Besides he really loves Joyce Chew very much and always lust after her, masturbating always to her photos while he is naked in his hotel room during his frequent business trips. Much more semen is given to Joyce Chew than his own wife.

Looking at some of JC's creamy white cum which drips on her white watch strap, a radiant Joyce Chew yearns to make passionate love with JC again, next time in a nice hotel room above .. and the hotel is now the white Concorde Hotel Orchard Singapore ..poised to become the intimate love nest for this untamed amorous couple over the next few years.

For JC, thinking about Joyce Chew's sexy bod reminded him of Taiwan's Wang Wan Fei aka Vivi Wang who went pantyless and exposed her pussy at the 2007 Taipei Motor Show. Both have the CFM face and the super fuckable MILF body that makes lustful men wet in their groin.


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