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GMAT is the most popular 4-letter acronym in the world of global business schools. GMAT is a proven test used by accredited business schools worldwide as a predictor of a student’s academic ability in undertaking a rigorous MBA program.

The GMAT test measures verbal, mathematical, analytical and integrated reasoning skills that an above-average adult has developed over a period of time through education and work experience.

There are 4 main sections in the GMAT:

Test Section
Test Focus
Analytical Writing Assessment
1 topic
Analysis of an argument
30 min
Integrated Reasoning
12 questions
Multi-source reasoning
Graphics interpretation
Two-part analysis
Table analysis
30 min
37 questions
Data sufficiency
Problem solving
75 min
41 questions
Reading comprehension
Critical reasoning
Sentence correction
75 min
Total time
3 hr 30 min

The GMAT adjusts to your ability level using a Computerised Adaptive Test. For the multiple-choice questions, you start off with a question of moderate difficulty. As you respond to each question, the computer will score and assess your ability and determine which question to present next. You cannot re-do a multiple choice question, unlike a paper-based test. The time available and number of questions you have to answer are displayed on the screen for your personal pacing.

Not all questions are counted as there are trial questions being placed in the test. As you do not know which are the trial questions, do your best for all questions. If luck is on your side and you cannot answer a trial question- it will not be counted in the scores. When you register for the GMAT, you will get a free GMATPrep software to familiarise you with the basic computer skills needed to sit for the test.

GMAT provides 5 scores across the 4 test areas and a total of all. Your official GMAT score report includes all scores taken in the past 5 years. You can select up to 5 business schools to receive your scores.

GMAT score is valid if the test was taken less than 5 years before the date of the MBA application deadline. Top business schools do not recommend taking the test more than 3 times as it could hurt your academic credibility.

GMAT is administered by Pearson VUE on behalf of Graduate Management Admission Council. The test uses a unique Palm Vein pattern identification security technology developed by Fujitsu to prevent exam fraud.


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