Guide to Study Loans in Singapore

The following banks and organisations offer education loans and financial aid to Singapore students:

  1. TCC Credit Cooperative ( linked to MDIS )
  2. Citibank Ready Credit Line
  3. CDAC Education Loan ( Chinese community )
  4. SINDA Study Awards ( Indian community )
  5. RHB Bank Edu Loan

    Maybank Education Loan
  6. HSBC Study Loan / Personal Loan
  7. POSB Study Loan / Loan Assist
  8. Mendaki Study Loan ( Malay community )
  9. CPF Approved Education Scheme
  10. DEW Credit Co-operative ( Women Only )

Note: All universities, polytechnics and institutes of technical education in Singapore offer their students various forms of financial assistance. Please contact them directly to get the details. Above information is updated as of 2013.